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The Letter C (day 1)

January 6, 2020

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The Letter C (day 1)

January 6, 2020


Hey there 👋🏽

I hope you all had a great holiday break! I saw a meme today that directly related to how I felt last night as I put my 4 year old down for bed at 8pm. I knew that these past few weeks were full of sugar, fluctuating bed times, and zero structure. I felt so bad for him because I knew that getting back into the swing of things may be challenging. But this meme brought light to the real sufferers... the teachers!!! 😂 


Anyhow, my boy came home with a STACK of worksheets about 50 pages long. The message from the teacher stated that they were extras to practice on over the holiday break. Obviously they had forgotten to send them home before break started. But it made me think...I’ve really been slacking on reinforcing the work he brings home. So coupled with the worksheets, Tito and I will be doing a letter a week. We will work on one letter for the entire week. I asked him what letter he wants to work on this week, and he selected the letter C. This weeks (Monday -Friday) letter activities will consist of the following:

1. Draw and color a picture that starts with the letter C.

2. Go around the house and find items that both start with and do not start with the letter c. Lay all of the items out and and ask him to identify the items that start with the letter c.

3. Cut clouds out of construction paper. Use a couple drops of paint and put them in the middle of the cloud, fold the cloud together and pull apart to see what the squished paint created . Name each cloud based on the paint creation and then tape the clouds on to a poster board.

4. Do 4, letter c worksheets.

5. Make up a Letter c song. (Include words in the lyrics that begin with the letter c).

Tonight we did the 2nd activity and his eyes lit up when he saw the board. We had so much fun making the c sound and pointing out the silly wrong items on the board. He really felt like he was teaching me a lesson by pointing them out. It was awesome!

I’ll keep you guys posted on the rest of the weeks activities.

Also... if you decide to do any of these activities with your preschooler, share this link on your social media along with a photo of the activity you did, and tag me!   

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