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January 6, 2020

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What’s your “it”?

December 14, 2019


Congratulations!!! Good morning! You woke up!!! You’re breathing! You’re alive, and well!!!

Which means, God gave you another change to change “it”. Whatever “it”, is for you. You are alive today... so that means, you have more time to make “it” better. To take steps towards change.

We all have our “it’s”. I have several... many...lots!

One of my “it’s” is, how I express anger or dislike. Did you know that you don’t have to express anger or dislike with aggression or shouting to get your point across!? I always though that... If I didn’t assert aggression, then the message wouldn’t be received as important. Which sounds crazy when you really think about it. What’s equally as crazy is, this ideology never even crossed my mind as a concern, until I had kids.

So get this... 1 o clock this morning, after I’m finished cleaning the kitchen... in peace (because all the kids were sleep, and this is the only time I’m able to work uninterrupted), I get in the shower. I’m sure all of the mommy’s can relate, that the shower is when the day download begins. And per usual... I think about how I interacted with the kids. And during this download ritual... I beat myself up about all the yelling I did that day, for giving them pizza instead of cooking lunch, and then I try and think of ways that I can improve the next day.

And then just like that... it came to me... girl fu*^ the pizza.... you gotta stop yelling so much man! In the moments where they are acting out so crazy... you getting crazy isn’t making them less crazy! It’s actually making the situation worse! Then Another lightbulb came on... this is actually a pattern in other parts of my life! I need to find a way to make myself heard, without yelling and screaming! This way... the other person will actually HEAR me, not tune out, I won’t have a heart attack by age 45, I’ll have better communication in all of my relationships, and my kids will be more inclined to behave as opposed to rebel.

It’s amazing how kids do that, right!? They always make you reflect. They make me hold myself accountable. They make me look within. I wanna be a better person... for them! Because I wanna be the example of what they should aspire to be. A GOOD example! I read somewhere that your children do what you show them, not what you tell them. That saying stuck with me. I have to be about it. Because the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality just won’t suffice!

I’m just a mom trying to navigate this parenting, adulting, womaning and wifing world... thanks for joining me! ❤️


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